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An Exclu Tutorial by guest writer Norbert Bajandi. We welcome Norbert Bajandi to the platform as he breaks down his process with a Funko orientated shoot complete with step-by-step insights into the set-up and tips on how to increase the potential of Funko Pop Photography. Hi guys, I’m […]

Digirama : Part 03

Exclu Tutorials. Topics Covered: We’ve finally made it towards the final part in our three part Digirama How-to series. In this part, we will dive into what goes into getting the shot once you’ve set it all up. SHOOTING DSLR vs. PHONE This part assumes that you’ll be […]


Exclu Tutorial. Topics Covered: We kick of this weeks proceedings with a really extensive behind the scenes from photographer Mo Yassin as he breaks down the inner workings of his latest exclusive shot based around The Death of Wolverine comic arc – seriously in-depth stuff covering lighting, camera […]

Digirama – Part 02

Exclu Tutorial. Topics Covered : In Digirama : Part 01, we focused on finding the right image for your indoor shot. In this installment, the main focus will be the importance of lighting your shot and how it can make or break your scene.  Hold on to your […]

Digirama Tutorial – Part 01

Exclu Tutorial. Topics Covered : One of the things I enjoy most about flipping through my instagram feed is the creativity behind the work posted by toy photographers. Everything from traditional dioramas, beautiful outdoor scenic setups, as well as the utilization of effects (both practical and digital) create […]