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Exclu Design Collective Second Issue

Launched in December 2016, Issue 2 saw a fresh wave of creatives showcasing their photography and insights into their work including exclusive never-before-seen content and interviews.

Issue 2 features the exclusive work of : 

  • Johnny Wu – Cover Artist@sgtbananas
  • Shahzad Bhiwandiwala – @sbphotographs1
  • Isaiah Takahashi – @blksrs
  • Alex Chapman – @onesixth_avenger
  • Chase Woods – @visions_of_grey
  • Alex Brooks – @bg_toyart
  • Trevor Williams – @onesix_shooter
  • Juris Tobing – @hanjuang18
  • Spencer Witt – @swittpics
  • Max Scoville – @maxscoville
  • Dale Schenck – @darth_shank
  • Radiansyah Sukmana – @agamdadam
  • Adam McGrath – @the_chip_monsters
  • Isaac Renteria – @isaac.renteria
  • Mark Walker – @markwalkerphoto

Alongside Special Features from :

  • Beast Kingdom – @beast_kingdom
  • David Cubero – @suppaduppa666
  • Jason Yang – @workmoreorless


  • Word Of The Month Final 3
  • Top Toy Photo of The Year 2016

(This digital copy features an updated and improved design to our initial launch to better reflect our level of output – This Issue consists of 94 pages inclusive of Front and Rear Covers)

Purchase of this digital product entitles the buyer to 1 PDF file containing the magazine for digital viewing. Unauthorised distribution is treated as piracy of intellectual property and will be dealt with accordingly under UK Piracy Laws.

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