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With Concepts our goal was a simple one, to be as expressive and experimental with both the photography and the design edits to move beyond the conventional frame. For the team this was a new challenge and one which warranted their experimentation and a new approach to let go and see what happens.

As an in-house project, Concepts features work from each member of the Exclu Team :

  • Trevor Williams – @onesixshooter
  • Jason Yang – @workmoreorless
  • Spencer Witt – @swittpics
  • Shahzad Bhiwandiwala – @sbphotographs1
  • Matt Heywood – @heywoodpop
  • Mark Walker – @markwalkerphoto
  • Isaiah Takahashi – @blksrs
  • Stan Russell – @vimlossus
  • Patrick Pchalek – @wonderbunk
  • Tham Ying Keet – @yingkeet0675
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