Its always intriguing to hear from the community as to what their favourite shots are and why and this feature looks at the top picks from photographer Jazer Celaya as he shares with us his 3 top images and a bit of background behind them.


My First Foray Into Indoor Toy Photography Using GTP’s Space Walls or How to Make the Transition From an Outdoor Toy Photographer to an Indoor Toy Photographer Hey toy photographers, Matt Heywood here, or as some may know me on Instagram, @heywoodpop. In my latest exclusive piece for […]


As much as we encourage photographers to partake in our themed challenges we do also love to see natural shoots taking place to really get an understanding of the person behind the lens unhindered. This exclusive shoot comes from 14 year old Brendan Elkins and showcases a recent […]


Hello. My name is Jason Yang and I’m an addict – a toy addict, to clarify. When I’m not making a living running my creative studio, Invisible Element, you’ll more than likely find me behind the camera lens, spending more time than I should lighting scenes, posing action figures, and releasing […]


The latest in our theme-word series comes from Instagram photographer Jaimejoel Rivera and his shoot titled “Aftermath” focusing on the fallout of a street scuffle featuring everyones favourite webslinger with a really intense mood seeping into the series alongside a great insight into the thinking behind the shoot.


We have another incredible entry into our themed series this time from photographer Brandon Acree and his exclusive series titled “Memories” as he takes a trip into the past of some of Star Wars most iconic characters to shine a light on some more personal moments.