So, it’s been a while since I last did a write up as part of the Exclu Network. Today, I wanted to write about my new camera, and a simple photoshoot I just did with my Sideshow Collectibles Darth Maul 1/6th scale figure!


Ever since our inception back in September 2016 , we’ve had our eye on the minimalist work of Mohamad Hiedayyat and we’re really excited to be able to share a special behind the scenes look at a typical shoot set-up from @absolutemono.


We were recently lucky enough to collaborate with Sphero to action a photography shoot to showcase the latest special edition BB8 remote control model and so we set network photographer Jason to task and he did not disappoint with an incredible series of shots that capture the depth […]

Digirama – Part 02

Exclu Tutorial. Topics Covered : In Digirama : Part 01, we focused on finding the right image for your indoor shot. In this installment, the main focus will be the importance of lighting your shot and how it can make or break your scene.  Hold on to your […]


This month we tasked the community to show us their interpretations of our theme word “MADNESS” and you’ve done just that. We partnered up with The Pop Dungeon to offer an incredible prize package worth $60. We have selected our final 3 from the pool of entries and now […]


When Batman week was conceived there was one artist who we have worked with on several occasions before that we knew we just had to feature and the photographer in question is Chase Woods @_visions_of_grey_ who brings his distinctive black and white art direction to the table in […]