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Digirama : Part 03

We’ve finally made it towards the final part in our three part Digirama How-to series. In this part, we will dive into what goes into getting the shot once you’ve set it all up. SHOOTING DSLR vs. PHONE This part assumes that you’ll be shooting with a Digital […]

Digirama – Part 01

One of the things I enjoy most about flipping through my instagram feed is the creativity behind the work posted by toy photographers. Everything from traditional dioramas, beautiful outdoor scenic setups, as well as the utilization of effects (both practical and digital) create diversity throughout the community. I […]


Hello. My name is Jason Yang and I’m an addict – a toy addict, to clarify. When I’m not making a living running my creative studio, Invisible Element, you’ll more than likely find me behind the camera lens, spending more time than I should lighting scenes, posing action figures, and releasing […]