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Hasbro have revealed two upcoming Black Series figures which are available exclusively through Gamestop in Jedi Revan (Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes) & the Heavy Battle Droid (Star Wars Battlefront II). Both figures look set to release in early February 2020 and are largely re-paints of existing figures.

The original release of Darth Revan was highly sought after, so much so that a second release was issued earlier this year and this looks to be an extension of that with the character still having pull. The Battle Droid is very much the same as the Geonosian reveal from a few weeks back with some additional weaponry. The thing that does stick out like a sore thumb here though is the Heavy Blaster.

As this figure is based on Star Wars Battlefront 2, it relies on its assets and that means that this figure comes with a First Order Heavy Rifle which is used universally across characters with the Heavy Class on the game. Thats fine in the game, but as a figure it just seems an odd choice.

Let us know your thoughts on these two down in the comments below and keep it locked to Exclu for more news and previews from across the toy community.

Original images courtesy of Hasbro.

Last modified: November 9, 2019

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