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Over the last few months, myself & Exclu producer Trevor Williams (@onesix_shooter ) have been working on a Directory resource for the Toy Community with the goal of allowing people around the world to interact with and explore new platforms.

Our current build of The Exclu Directory lists various retailers, customisers and diorama makers with the scope to include further platform-types down the line. As for now though, this is purely a working Beta and requires your feedback to grow and improve over the coming months. We’ve implemented search functions that allow you to pinpoint platforms that could cater to you in areas such as location and the sorts of items they deal in with custom search parameters included too.

To check it out – simply click the images below and you’ll be able to find this clearly listed on our menu bar and through out site for future visits :

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 23.22.03

For those who are interested in further information then you can read on here.

The aim of the resource is to be exactly that, a resource for the community with search functions allowing them to find those platforms, both big and small that cater to their needs. There are names here that you may be familiar with and names that you won’t have come across before and have the opportunity to explore.

Each platform listed here has given consent for their inclusion and support the project and we’re excited about the possibility of adding more down the line. If you head up either a retailer, customiser or diorama making platform and want to be listed then you can do so via the form below :

(Please note that at this time we are only listing customisers / Dio makers who work on commission projects as this is not a showcase-centric resource)

(Primarily for Retailers and registered companies. If this is not relevant to you then please type N/A in the field) This will not be visible to the users of the Directory Resource
This is the name that will be shown to users of the Directory Resource.
This will be the destination link associated to your tile and the landing page for any clicks from our users.
Upload your platforms Logo (Preferred) - Or relevant artwork for your brand or platform. This will be display to users and is the main crux of your listing. JPG / PNG files are preferred.
Show off what your platform is all about just make sure that you own the images you submit if you are sharing shots of your own products. JPG / PNG files are preferred.
Show off what your platform is all about just make sure that you own the images you submit if you are sharing shots of your own products. JPG / PNG files are preferred.
If you only have a platform Logo, we will use in-house created images as the background for your List Image and this will be thematic to your chosen Catergory whether you be a Retailer, Customiser Etc.
We will contact this email address once this form as been submitted so please ensure that this is entered correctly.
This is the area that your platform primarily operates in. We will look to expand this to include your shipping locations at a later date.
These are the 4 categories that the Beta will be supporting.
The options that you select from the grid above will be attached to your listing and will enable you to be filtered through relevant search results. Example : User searches for "Mafex" - if you select this as an option from the grid above then you will be within the results pool which is randomly organised for the viewer to provide an unbiased listing order for each unique user. You are limited to only 40 tags in the BETA as we test it's performance but we may look to increase this number at a later date. Also we will look to allow you to update these on a weekly basis to keep in line with your latest stock / Preorders / Projects.
Please separate tags with a comma and ensure that they are concise and wholly relevant to your platform to ensure the most accurate search results. Please also ensure that you have allowed for the number of custom tags and Exclu listed tags to equal the MAX of 40.
We will only use the information listed here to create the structure for your listing and will not place this in any public-facing context beyond your Platform Name, Logo / Imagery & Website.

Thank you for interest and we welcome any and all feedback on this current build and how we can continue to improve it.

Jack & Trevor
Exclu Magazine

Last modified: November 2, 2019

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