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As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Sesame Street, Hasbro have unveiled their latest HasLab crowding project in the 38″ Cookie Monster plush.

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The project will cost $299.99 if you’re looking to back it and Hasbro are looking for a total of 3000 backers in total before 11:59pm on August 25th to make it a reality. The slated release for the Cookie Monster should the project be funded is Spring 2020.

Check the core components of the project below :

  • Full-size, photorealistic, poseable Cookie Monster replica
  • 2 original artwork lithographs
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • To-be-revealed accessory
  • Premium packaging celebrating 50 years of Cookie Monster
  • Height: 38 inches
  • Weight: 10 lbs. (of cookies)
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Depth: 19 inches
  • Fur: blue and tumbled
  • Eyes: googly

Breakdown from Hasbro Pulse : 


In order to make an authentic replica, Hasbro product designers took measurements of the actual photorealistic Cookie Monster puppet used for Sesame Street’s still shots to create and build the skeleton. Scale, height, posture, and positioning had to be just right.


Cookie Monster wouldn’t be Cookie Monster without those iconic googly eyes, so the team did some experimenting to get the “googly” just right. HASLAB Cookie Monster’s pupils are convex, approximating the same roundness as the eyeballs themselves, giving the googly eyes a natural look, but with a durable hold.  


Product designer Teresa Levy paid special attention to Cookie Monster’s fur color and texture when meeting with Cookie Monster and the Sesame Street team. A swatch was sent to Hasbro’s factory to replicate the dyes and tumbling of the plush. Can you find the swatch of the real Cookie Monster plush within ours?


A full-size, fully poseable final model includes articulation in the hips so Cookie Monster can sit and stand, bendy wire in the hands and fingers, hinged mouth that opens and closes, and a ball joint that allows neck to move and pivot. 

You can check out the official info page over on HasbroPulse where you can also choose to back the project today.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this reveal so pop them down in the comments below and keep it locked to Exclu for all the latest from across the toy community.

Original images courtesy of Hasbro.

Last modified: July 11, 2019

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