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Recently we saw the beginnings of a custom MAFEX Tim Drake Robin figure that really caught our eye and we’re really excited to be able to share a behind-the-scenes walkthrough from the projects creator Nicholas Von Frankenstein.

What follows is directly from Nicholas as he shares his process from concept to final figure :

“It all started with an idea to repaint the Mafex Batman Begins Batman in the comics gray and black colors. I had used the SH Figuarts Injustice Batman as a test for the grays to see how it would turn out. Ultimate, I fell in love with that repaint to the point where I modified it even more by adding a different head and using the cape from the Mafex Batman V Superman Batman on him. He became my favoring Batman figure that I own. That left this figure up in the air on what to do with him, now.


I talked to my friend, Chris of Smash Lab Creations, about turning him into a Nightwing. He told me that it didn’t work. Ultimately, we agreed it was the perfect base for a Robin figure. Tim Drake Robin has been one of my favorite characters since I was a kid so, it made it that much more exciting for me. The Arkham game series has some of my favorite designs of the characters and I want the in 1:12 action figure form. Sadly, no company has made them and left me to make up my Arkham esque figures.

The thing about customizing figures is that it takes planning and gathering the right pieces for the project. I knew that I wanted to use the DC Collectibles Red Robin head for it. I was able to find the knockoff version of it on eBay for $10. The problem was the cape. I know how to sew, but not well enough to construct the iconic black and yellow cape. So, he was on the back burner for, five or take, a year until I found the cape on eBay from the seller GPSlot. Everything was in place.

I cut and shaved down the cape clips/connectors off of the DC Collectibles Arkham Knight Batman and stitched them to the cape. I painted the figure in the color scheme that made sense to the mold. I left it mostly black with hints of red and green to avoid the issue of paint rub leaving contrast of the colors. After he was all painted, I went and dremelled our the R logo from a the DC Super Heroes line Robin.


The reason for dremelling opposed to sculpting and painting was that it would be easier that painting yellow (which is a nightmare) and painstakingly painting the R perfectly. Then I glued on the logo and the cape. I borrowed the staff from the Marvel Select Gambit to give Tim his signature weapon and he was complete. If you want to see more of my customs, you can find me on Instagram at @frankNst3in or on Facebook at Nicholas Von Frankenstein. My Facebook profile is mostly public, but I’ll gladly answer any questions on either social media networks.”


A big thank you goes out to Nicholas for sharing his Behind-the-scenes process with us as he pulls together his custom MAFEX Tim Drake Robin. You can catch more of his work over on his social accounts which is listed above but in the meantime, keep it locked to Exclu for all the latest from across the toy community.

The figure shown within this feature is a custom creation that uses the Medicom Toys MAFEX Batman Begins Body as a the base.

Last modified: July 6, 2019

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