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It’s been 17 years since the release of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack Of The Clones and what better way to celebrate its 17th anniversary than to bring you guys some exclusive shots of the recently released Count Dooku SHF figure from Bandai Tamashii Nations. I had this pre-ordered from Mykombini last December and it was finally shipped out to me this April.


Being a web exclusive release, I can understand why some people may pass on this one but I was glad that I made the decision to order it. Yes, some collectors were complaining that the color of his outfit was not movie accurate but I am fine with it. No complaints in that department, my only gripe with this figure is that Bandai should have given him a wired cape. I don’t know why they decided to skimp on a wired cape like what they did with the Avengers Infinity War Thor figure as well but included one for their The Dark Knight Batman figure.

The figure scales well with the Star Wars figures from Hasbro’s Black Series line although SH Figurarts figures are a tad smaller compared to their counterparts from the Black Series but I think Count Dooku looks fine paired with the Black Series General Grievious and also the Battle Droids as evident from the two shots above.

I guess the main reason why I wanted to get Count Dooku was the opportunity to reenact the confrontation between the three of them that ended with Anakin slicing his head off at the request of Senator Palpatine. So, I leave you guys with the remaining shots from that scene and hope that you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have setting them up. Do let us know your thoughts on the figure by leaving a comment below.


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Last modified: May 19, 2019

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