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The boys over at Oldboy CTTS have started taking orders for their upcoming “The Day Walker” head-sculpt which is based on the Blade movie starring Wesley Snipes. I have been waiting for them to release this one for a very long time since I saw them sending one out to the D’mazing last year.


Stated below is the extract from their Facebook page pertaining to the details of the pre-order.

[The Day Walker] PRE-ORDER NOW!!!

Estimated Shipping: Late May – Early June
Price: Human 1150 THB ~ 36 USD per head
Pre-order Deadline: 5th May

New to us? Here’s how to Pre-order.
Please PM us with the following details to confirm your order:

(Quantity // Paypal Email // Shipping Address)

*Neck hole will fit Mezco & ML body.
(May not be proportionate to other figures or requires modifications)
**Figure(s) not included.
***Prices will be quoted in local currency (THB), Conversion rates based on Google to avoid confusion.
**There will not be tattoos and grinning headsculpt although there is a V hairline at the back.
*Flesh Tone will be slightly darker but can still match with the neck & hand.





All images are sourced from the Facebook page of Oldboy CTTS. For all the latest news and previews from across the community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: April 26, 2019

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