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Our friends over at Oldboy CTTS have recently announced pre-orders for their version of a Captain America werewolf headsculpt. To be honest, I’ve never read that particular story of how Cap turned into a werewolf but it did happen in issue Captain America #402 back in 1992 and it also had Capwolf tangling with Wolverine and Cable! It seems werewolves are very popular in the Marvel universe.


So, if you guys want to get a Capwolf head for your Mezco Captain America, this is the time as they don’t rebatch. Yes, you read that correctly, this head is made to fit the Mezco Captain America. If you missed out on this one, you’re gonna have to hunt it down at the after market. Appended below are details on the headscuplt :-

[Mr.Big Bad Wolf] PRE-ORDER NOW!!!

Estimated Shipping: Late May – Early June
Price: Human 1600 THB ~ 51 USD per head
Pre-order Deadline: 28 April

Please PM us to confirm your order along with the following details:
– Paypal Email
– Shipping Address

*Neck hole will only fit Mezco body as shown in pics. (Fitting on other figs may not be as proportionate or would require further modifications)
**Figure(s) not included.
***Prices will be quoted in local currency (THB), Conversion rates based on Google to avoid confusion.

Hope you guys don’t miss out as we never rebatch!


All images are sourced from the Facebook page of Oldboy CTTS. For all the latest news and previews from across the community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: April 14, 2019

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