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Join us in celebrating our Hellboy day with an extra special rundown of the characters storied history within the Toy Industry alongside guest writer Alex Aronowicz. Below is a comprehensive history of various releases from Sideshow, Funko, Mondo & more.

As a ridiculous Mignolaverse fan, and an obsessive toy collector, 2019 is an exciting time for me.  With the new reboot movie hitting theaters this week, I want to talk about my personal favorite Hellboy collectibles from the past, present, and future.

Sideshow Premium Format Figure

This is one that I wish I jumped on when I had the chance.

Released in 2014 for 20th anniversary, the Sideshow Collectibles Hellboy Premium Format Figure was an excellent representation of the character.  Based on his comic book likeness, it featured a fabric duster, open fisted Right Hand of Doom, classic portrait, and his handgun.  It also came with a swap out portrait of his demonic side, Anung Un Rama, complete with full horns, crown of the apocalypse and a swap out left hand wielding a sword.  The exclusive came with an additional swap out item: A closed fist Right Hand of Doom, with a stand to display whichever version is not attached to the statue.  This is not available on the primary market anymore.

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Mondo “First Hellboy” Statue

For the hardcore Hellboy fans, the Mondo “First Hellboy Statue” is a must have.  Commemorating the first ever drawing of Hellboy done by Mike Mignola at a 1991 comic convention, it comes in both original Black and White (exlusive to Mondo), as well as newly full color.  it is completely unrecognizable as the Hellboy we have come to know and love, but it is a must have for the die hard.  Both versions are still available at

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Black and White Sketch Version:

Mondo Baby Hellboy 1/6th Scale Figure

In addition to the statue, Mondo also facilitated the release of an action figure, the scale baby Hellboy.  This was based on his first appearance on Earth in the book Seed of Destruction.  It comes backaged in a small yellow box with Mike Mignola art on the front and a little biographical blurb on the back.

It shows a baby Hellboy squatting, with his oversized Right Hand of Doom, and tiny baby horns.  It is not heavily articulated, only at the head, shoulders, tail, and the Right Hand of Doom rotates at the wrist.  The Mondo Exclusive version came with an attachable flaming Crown of the Apocalypse.  They are both sold out on the primary market.  I was too slow and missed out on the exclusive, but I did manage to get my hand on the standard version.

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Gentle Giant Hellboy Animated Action Figures

While normally doing busts and statues for the motion pictures, Gentle Giant also released a number of items related to the two animated films.  Most notable from those releases, are the Hellboy and Abe Sapien action figures.

The likenesses to their animated counterparts are uncanny, and with 20-25 points of articulation, along with swap out heads/hands/accessories, these were excellent figures to add to your collection. Unfortunately they are sold out on the primary market

Photos by Michael Crawford. On

Skelton Crew Prop Replicas

While not toys, but still collectibles, some of the best Hellboy related merchandise is coming from Israel Skelton and the team at Skelton Crew Studios.

They make realistic, life sized prop replicas, of artifacts only ever seen on the printed pages of Hellboy and B.P.R.D. comics.


They each come bagged and tagged in B.P.R.D. artifact boxes, stuffed with straw like a real artifact, in a box with information as if they were obtained in real life.  It realy immerses you in the world of Hellboy and brings the comics closer to reality.  There have been many made, , and Israel Skelton is promising more to come.  Many of these are sold out on the primary market, but keep an eye out on for restocks.

1000Toys/Dark Horse Direct 1/12 Scale figure

In the coming weeks, we are going to see the 1000toys/Dark Horse Direct 1:12 scale Hellboy figure arriving.  1000toys are well known for their smaller scale, highly articulated figures, so I am extra excited.  This is going to be the first fully Hellboy action figure with a fully articulated right hand of doom, which takes it to a whole other level.

The figure exclusive to Dark Horse DIrect came with so many accessories, but unfortunately the pre-orders for that version ended.  It comes with an extra angry head to swap out the stoic version, full grown horns, and Excalibur.


The standard version is still available for order from a few sites, but I would jump on that before they too sell out.

Mezco Film and Comic Figures

Mezco used to hold the master license for Hellboy, and they did so much with it.  They are all sold out on the primary market as they stopped producing figures shortly after the Golden Army, but they had a treasure trove for the Hellboy obsessed.

Featuring highly articulated figures, they release 3 series for the first movie alone, including 18” ¼ scale figures.


While some only know Hellboy from the films, my favorite figures will always be the comic book versions.  They captured the look and feel of the comic like no other figure.  They also made a wide spectrum of characters aside from just Hellboy.  The Kriegaffe with the head of Herman Von Klempt in jar is a personal favorite, and the txclusive SDCC Ghost of Lobster Johnson is another personal obsession, but the 18” comic book Hellboy was my holy grail, which always evaded me until a good friend gifted it to me for Christmas.

Photo by Michael Crawford

Mezco One:12 Collective Hellboy (2019 Movie Version)

After nearly a decade of quiet on the Hellboy front, the new film brought with it a new Mezco figure.  The One:12 Collective figure has an uncanny resemblance to David Harbour’s appearance, and as usual, it is extremely articulated with multiple accessories.  It was just released for pre-order on 4/8/2019 (May-July 2020 release), and these tend to sell out quickly so I wouldn’t wait too long.


Super7 Hellboy Reaction Figures (Series 1 & 2)

Super7’s Reaction series are some of the best retro style figures on the market.  They take the classic Kenner style of minimalist articulation and detail, and even card them the same way.  The Reaction logo is even a throwback to the Kenner logo.

The first series of Hellboy included 4 figures: Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien, and Lobster Johnson.  They came as classic singular carded figures, with original Mike Mignola art on the front and biographical information on the back.

Series 2 was packaged very differently, and contained mostly villains.  Rather than individual figures, they went with two 3-packs.  One of the packs contains Hellboy with no coat, Rasputin, and Johann Kraus.  The other pack contains Hellboy with no coat and fully grown horns, Kroenen, and a Kriegaffe.

With the popularity of Hellboy in resurgence, I imagine these will be harder to get down the line.  Don’t snooze on these like I snoozed on the Mezco figures, once they are gone, those prices shoot up!

Toy2R x Tara McPherson Hellboy Qee

Oh the regrets, I could have had this figure for retail but once again, snoozed.  I love art toys, I love Hellboy, I love Tara McPherson.  Why did I let this one go?

Toy2R is a vinyl toy company based out of Hong Kong, known for the small designer Qee figures (pronounced “key”).  When they asked Mike Mignola what artist he would like for an oversized 8” designer Qee, he chose Tara.  One day I will have this figure…ONE DAY.



Concept Art


Honorable Mentions:

Hellboy Funko Pops

They are everywhere, like a virus, and because they don’t stop their juggernaut of obtaining licenses, eventually they got Hellboy.  My personal favorites are the Hellboy in suit, Anung Un Rama, and Blood Queen Pops.  I just love the details and execution of these 3.

Qee by Toy2R

While I am only personally obsessed with the 8” Tara McPherson one, the regular Qee releases are still fun.  They have released him in 5” and 8” versions.  The 5” versions came in multiple variants, including a glow-in-the-dark version and a blank DIY version.


Dark Horse Direct Statuettes

Available for pre-order from Dark Horse Direct, and carrying a HEAVY price tag, is the Hellboy & The B.P.R.D. Statuette set.

At a whopping $399.99, it is limited to 200 sets worldwide, features Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien, Roger the Homunculus, Johann Kraus, and Lobster Johnson.  They are 5.5” polyresin figures, and resemble classic Syroco style collectibles.  For more information on the set, they released a blog post explaining the history of Syroco figures.

Pre-order is live (with payment plans available) for a Winter 2019 release.


Hot Toys Hellboy (2019 Version)

There isn’t much information available as of right now, other than a tease on Hot Toys’ social media platforms.  Will the figures ever see release?  Is it just Big Red or will they be making other characters?  Is it a 1/6th scale figure, Cosbaby line, or both?  We just have to wait and find out at this point.

All in all, for the Hellboy obsessed, there is a plethora of collectibles out there to sate your appetite.  Some may require excessive disposable income, and some are pending release, but nonetheless, it is all available at your fingertips.  If the movie is successful, be prepared for a possible expanded universe, and hopefully, MORE TOYS.

Alex Aronowicz (@church_of_sagan) – Head over to for much more of Alex’s work.

For all the very latest from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu.

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