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The lead up to ToyFair ’19 has had some big announcements, but none as big as this latest. On the heels of the announcement that Mattel had lost the coveted license, Canadian-based Spin Master Corp. announced it had won the rights to produce DC products in the “boy’s action category which included vehicles, water toys, games, and puzzles. Almost everyone assumed that meant 6″ figures as well.

But Todd McFarlane, announced today that his company will be producing the 6″-12” ultra-posable action figure category based on the DC universe characters. McFarlane Toys has most recently had a hit with toys based on the Fortnite video game. Previous lines, like the Walking Dead, have been met with mixed reviews, but the Fortnite figures have been well-received.

In an interview with IGA, McFarlane talked about the new arrangement and the future of DC’ collectible lineup. He stated that McFarlane Toys won’t be responsible for handling all the DC-branded toys and figures on the market, but will focus specifically on collector-oriented toy lines and a more adult audience. Spin Master Corp. will take over the more mass market-focused toy lines in 2020, while Mattel will presumably continue the very successful DC Super Hero Girls line.

McFarlane said it’s too early to discuss specific figures or lines and that prototypes likely won’t be seen anytime before SDCC this summer. From the IG interview, McFarlane clarified: “The technical category is ‘DC Multiverse collector figures. You’re going out and doing a little more sophistication with the toy at a higher price point, and maybe the packaging is a little more sophisticated. A little more in terms of props. It’s not an obvious buy for a five-year-old. There’s plenty of those… It’s for the people who are a little bit older like yourself or myself who say, ‘Hey, I don’t mind spending an extra $5 or $10 if we get the extra value out of it and it looks cool.’ That’s where I step in.”

McFarlane will also focus on the market previously covered by DC Collectibles, meaning they will produce high-end statues and busts. Hopefully, this arrangement will bring some cohesion to the DC line – something that it’s been sorely missing.

You can read the full interview on IGN.


Official press release from McFarlane Toys:

Tempe, Ariz., – February 12,  2019, 2019 – Batman, Superman and the entire roster of DC’s iconic characters have a new place to hang up their capes and cowls. McFarlane Toys, an award-winning toy company, announced today they have entered into a three-year global licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC, to release DC Multiverse collector figures in both mass and specialty retail spaces. Beginning early 2020, McFarlane Toys will bring dozens of the iconic DC comic books, video games and feature films’ near-endless stable of characters to life with 6” – 12” ultra-posable action figures, corresponding accessories and vehicles branded DC Multiverse.

“This partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC will be great fun for my company, and a chance to deliver products that millions of fans of the DC brand have been asking for,” said Todd McFarlane, Owner and CEO of McFarlane Toys. “The DC universe has captivated the world and to be able to play in that ‘sandbox’ now makes me feel like a kid all over again. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.”

The DC Multiverse collector figures and related toys will be available at major retail locations beginning in 2020.  Fans of both McFarlane Toys and DC can check and the McFarlane Toys social media channels for updates and news,;; and


Last modified: February 13, 2019

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