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Just as promised, the Oldboy CTTS team have started taking pre-orders for their Jack Kirby inspired Hulk head. Stated below are the details for the pre-orders :-

[Dr. Green Head Sculpt] PRE-ORDER NOW!!!

Estimated Shipping: Mid February
Price: 1500 THB ~ 50 USD per head
Pre-order Deadline: 18 January

Please PM us to confirm your order along with the following details:
– Paypal Email
– Shipping Address

*Neck hole will only fit SHF body as shown in pics.
**Figure(s) not included.
***Prices will be quoted in local currency (THB), Conversion rates based on Google to avoid confusion.

Hope you guys don’t miss out as we never rebatch!

Now just so you know, this head is made to fit on a SHF Infinity Hulk and the team have specifically mentioned that they have switched up the normal drilled neck hole with more flexible material that allows exact fit onto SHF pegs. It will allow better articulation on the figure and stay on the peg very securely. So moving forward, no more using sticky tac or blu tac to keep the head on the peg and that is a much welcomed move by the team to improve further on their products.

Final words, it’s true you know, the guys don’t rebatch and if you missed this one, you’ll never have the opportunity again. My initial thoughts on this head? It’s not really for everyone as it is based very specifically on Jack Kirby’s rendition of the Hulk after all. So, if you’re not a fan of a Golden Age Marvel Hulk, then this would be an easy pass for you.  I know I will definitely be ordering one!

Images are sourced from the Facebook page of Oldboy CTTS. For all the latest news and previews from across the community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: January 6, 2019

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