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On the heels of the excellent trailer released today, Hasbro smartly revealed the upcoming wave of Marvel Legends figures based on the forthcoming movie.

The wave includes five figures so far; Captain Marvel (with swappable heads and extra hands), Captain Marvel with Bomber Jacket (looking perhaps a bit too much like Amy Poehler), Talos (a Skrull), Star Force Commander, and Nick Fury. The Bomber Jacket Marvel and Nick Fury both come with Captain Marvel’s cat – now called “Goose” (instead of “Chewie” as it was in the comics – apparently the Mouse is afraid of suing itself for infringement) who is an alien species in the comics, which may explain it’s situation with the Fury figure.

The BAF (build-a-figure for the uninitiated) will be a Kree Sentinel.

The wave should be releasing in Spring 2019, presumably right around the film’s release date, and will retail for the usual $19.99.



For more of the latest news and previews, stay tuned to Exclu. Images courtesy of Hasbro.

Last modified: December 5, 2018

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