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Throughout December we’ll be showcasing work from across the community in a retrospective project dubbed “My Top 3 2018”.

We’re linking back up with Eugenio Torres  (@leviatan_toys) next in our series sharing their personal favourites from 2018 along with a few reason behind why he picked them. Eugenio takes it from here :

These  shots are three different concepts of an “Encounter” between human
and alien. Almost all this year I worked with Kotobukiya and NECA Xenomorph’s and
compression suit figures. I focused on lighting sources as part of the diorama. There is no
direct light on the figures, all of it is coming through walls, floor or ceiling or such things as open doors or windows.

  • Dr Shaw – Neca
  • Alien Lurker – Play Arts Kai
  • Diorama: Kotobukiya panels

I planned this shot for the #withtoysinmind (Mental Health Awareness project headed up by Exclu creative Dan Leonard) project I was looking for a peaceful photo using one of the  most violent characters in the history of sci-fi.


  • Amanda Ripley (Compression suit) – Neca
  • Alien Lurker – Play Arts Kai
  • Diorama: Nova Revol

I really focused on the alien pose, looking for an extreme tense atmosphere.
I used three different lighting rigs (white, blue, orange) to give the shot a variety of textures.


  • Amanda Ripley (Compression suit) – Neca
  • Alien Big Chap – Kotobukiya
  • Diorama: Nova Revol

I was going for a late 70’s / early 80’s movie poster. I really like the texture and atmosphere this shot has making use of lots of smoke and tons of home made lights.


A huge thank you to Eugenio for sharing his 2018 favourite pieces and if you want to get involved and share your Top 3 then all you need to do is email with your 3 creations (toy shots, customs or dios) along with your name and a few paragraphs explaining your choices.

Be sure to catch more of Eugenio’s portfolio over on Instagram via @leviatan_toys

For all the very latest from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu.


Last modified: December 5, 2018

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