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Last week we noticed a new series kept coming up on our Instagram feed and it left us wanted to know more – the work in question was a 3-shot series that gorgeously captured the Hasbro Black Series Elite Praetorian Guards and it was all put together by Ulises Granados (@mos_eisley_figures). This is his take on his most recent series :


Maybe they are not the most wanted figures of the Black Series line, much less the most remembered characters, but there is no doubt that they are part of one of the most epic scenes of Episode 8, that battle was the inspiration to create a small series of photos of the elite praetorian guards. About the figures I can mention that the details are simply incredible, the care in the textures and the weapons of each of them are impeccable, they do not have the best articulation, but they are definitely pieces that every Star Wars collector must have.


A huge thank you to Ulises for sharing his new series with us and for recording some of this thoughts as the shots illustrate the impressive character design of the Elite Praetorian Guards. For more from Ulises be sure to keep up-to-date with his work over on Instagram via (@mos_eisley_figures)

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Last modified: December 3, 2018

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