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Throughout December we’ll be showcasing work from across the community in a retrospective project dubbed “My Top 3 2018”.

Lewis McLarty is up next in our series as he shares his personal favourites from 2018 along with a few reason behind why he picked them. Its over to Lewis from here :

Having been a toy photographer for several years now, the most important challenge I set myself is to continue to improve and evolve my style. This year I have challenged myself to try new techniques, be it practical, visual effects or learning more about the use of my camera equipment. The shots I have selected for my ’Top 3’ involve many of the new approaches I have taken to toy photography this year.

Firstly, the Gordon, Zatanna and Funko Pop Batman shot made use of a diorama I acquired as I tried to use less digital backgrounds. I have always strived to create effective lighting so used a small spotlight for this and finally it was one of the first times I used Atmosphere Aerosol which I felt made the shot that bit more immersive and, of course, atmospheric.


The next shot I have chosen is a close up of the Mezco Batman. Acquiring a new DSLR camera in the middle of the year finally afforded me the opportunity to work closer up and this shot was one I had tried and failed before, capturing the loss Bruce Wayne feels over Robin’s death with a gentle bokeh effect I have never quite managed to capture before.


My final shot is a recent set up and another more complex attempt at an entirely practical street set up. With a custom Clark Kent, multiple figures in motion poses, props and a deliberately low angled shot, I feel I applied a lot of techniques I have acquired over the years to create a shot at a level I was extremely pleased with –  if I do say myself!


A huge thank you to Lewis for sharing his 2018 favourite pieces and if you want to get involved and share your Top 3 then all you need to do is email jack@Exclucollective.com with your 3 creations (toy shots, customs or dios) along with your name and a few paragraphs explaining your choices.

Be sure to catch more of Lewis’s work over on Instagram via @thebatcollector

For all the very latest from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: December 1, 2018

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