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There used to be a time when collecting a new exclusive Funko Pop was special. In those days, exclusives were rare, and only really popped up during cons and special events. Since that time though, thanks to Funko’s skyrocketing popularity and never ending license opportunities, it seems as if Funko exclusives have lost some of their luster. That’s not to say that this new Entertainment Earth Pennywise Funko Pop exclusive is a big plastic turd, I’m just saying that exclusive Pops like this just don’t feel special anymore.

I think that’s a general feeling about Funko and its Pop line though these days. At least for me, who was someone that had a severe Pop addiction just a few years ago that yielded over 700 Pops in the process. The whole brand feels oversaturated to me these days, which is why I’ve limited my Pop collecting to just the Star Wars license.

There was a time though that when an exclusive Pop got revealed like the EE Pennywise below, that I’d go nuts and make it a life goal to own him, but I think that period in my collecting life is over. Don’t be a Debbie Downer like me though, if you still can’t get enough Funko Pops in your life, then by all means get your GITD Pennywise pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth today!

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(Original imagery and information from EE)

Last modified: November 30, 2018

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