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Exclu Rewind with Jefferson Bongarthner

Photo 02

Our debut ExcluRewind feature comes from Jefferson Bongarthner (@jrbonga) as he sets off to re-create an old shot of his using the skills and techniques that he has learnt since that initial shots creation. Let’s check out his journey below :

The original photo was aimed at portraying a game of Tennis, interacting with the actions figures and the human being.

The Original Image

Photo 01

The Set-Up

The original photo was used just 2 figures with the base of the scenery (tennis court) was a cup holder made of wood. The tennis net was used fruit packs stuck to two ice cream sticks and the lighting was derived from a standard room lighting.

The background used was a blanket and the scenery was all mounted on a sofa with the tennis ball suspended with wire and then the wire was removed through photoshop

List of figures/equipments used

  • Woody – Revoltech
  • Tony Stark (Iron Man 3) – Bandai Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts
  • Canon T5I camera and a 50mm lens

Re-made Image

Photo 02

The re-creation of the photo was aimed at portraying a game of tennis but within a  better scenario, such as new characters and new techniques of photography and illumination

List of equipment used

The base of the scene was printed paper with the image of a tennis court and the net was used nylon with duct tape helping with the details. The net was tied to two pieces of wood coated as white plastic. The base for this support was made with cardboard and the lighting setup was again making use of the standard room lighting with spot lighting with blue paper to give more colour to the environment and achieve a different lighting effect .Woody and the tennis ball are once again suspended with wire which was later edited out on photoshop.

Photo 04

Photo 03

List of figures used

  • Woody – Revoltech
  • Tony Stark (Iron Man 3) – Bandai Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts
  • Nick – Zootopia Revoltech
  • Judi – Zootopia Revoltech
  • Canon T5I camera and a 50mm lens

A massive thank you to Jefferson for sharing a quick look at his ExcluRewind project as he recreates an older shot putting into action some new techniques he has learnt along the way. Be sure to catch more of his work over on Instagram via @jrbonga and for all the latest from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: August 21, 2018

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  1. Dazz Croft says:

    I have followed Jefferson @jrbonga for years and his photos never cease to make me smile. Congrats and thank you my friend.

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