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With the recent news that Hasbro has pulled back their Build A Figure Stan Lee, the talented sculptors and artist from Oldboy have come out with their version of a Stan Lee headsculpt. Now this headsculpt is made to fit on those civilian clothed Marvel Legends figures, for instance Bruce Banner and Agent Coulson and also based on the picture below, it also fits well on the recently released Mafex Scarecrow figure from the Batman Begins movie.


The Oldboy team is having a 10k milestone giveaway with this headsculpt. They will be selecting 20 lucky winners from their list of fans and friends who have recently purchased their ‘The Doc’ (Dr Strange) headsculpt. Each of them have been assigned a number based in their database and winners will be randomly selected based on RNG. They will be announcing the winners next Saturday, 4th August on their Facebook page.


For those of you who did not order this headsculpt or wasn’t lucky enough in the giveaway and want to get their hands on the Stan Lee headsculpt, don’t be despair, the team will open up pre-orders for it in early August! Another good news is that they will also be planning to release a headsculpt based on Tom Holland for his portrayal of Peter Parker in the Spider-man Homecoming movie. Rest assured that we at Exclucollective will keep you guys updated on that announcement.


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Original imagery courtesy of Oldboy CTTS.

Last modified: July 25, 2018

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  1. Dazz Croft says:

    That head sculpt is brilliant.

    1. yingkeet0675 says:

      Oh yes it definitely is!

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