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Exclu Rewind is our next community project which has leapfrogged its way to the front of the queue thanks to a ton of interest when we first floated the idea. We are really excited to be sharing the project brief to everyone for the first time as this is open to any and all as a method of charting your creative progression through the medium of Toy Photography.

For those who missed our initial conversation about Rewind, it is in essence, a photographic reflection over your last 12 months as a Toy Photography. We start with an image you took a year ago and share the steps you take to recreate that shot by inputting all the skills and experience you’ve gained since and we then contrast the two to visibly show the progression.

To access the brief and begin the project simply click the link below and to help us gauge how many are working on this at any given time, if you could also notify us via the contact form below it will be very much appreciated.

Exclu Rewind Brief.


For all the latest projects and opportunities to showcase your work, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: July 20, 2018

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