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Exclusive shoot by guest creative David Schrader.


We welcome the return of David Schrader as he debuts another exclusive shoot this time with an ongoing narrative tying the series together in a short story:

It is a time of Oppression as the Galactic Empire rules the galaxy not though diplomacy but through fear. The empires blunt instrument are Stormtroopers. Once Clones, now men, they execute the will of the Emperor at any cost. One of these troopers, PY-677, leads a squad of troops on a routine patrol, where they are to meet up with a scout who will be their guide and give them updated intel on the local area.


The Scouts intel is wrong and he leads the Squad into an ambush. The squad fights as best they can, taking out all of the attackers. As the smoke clears, PY-677 is the only survivor. As he looks at his squad, brothers, and friends all dead at his feet he falls to his knees and for the first time starts to question his place in the Galaxy.


PY-677 makes a slow contemplative trek back to base. Questions run through his head, ‘Is it worth it?’ ‘Why are we ruling these people?’ ‘What do I believe in?’ ‘Who am I?’ To which he answers, ‘I am a Stormtrooper and I serve my Emperor.’


On returning to Base PY-677 starts looking for his superiors to inform them of the ambush only to find the Emperor is there on a surprise inspection.


After explaining the situation, PY-677 finds he is to be promoted, given leadership of a whole legion and is now tasked with hunting down a quelling the local rebellion. He is presented with a ceremonial cape to wear with honour as he strikes fear into the locals. He is inwardly reluctant and somewhat sceptical, but he takes the promotion and the cape as it is his duty.


PY-677 takes the cape home and tries it on. Looking in the mirror he is filled with pride and self-respect. He is the Empire’s hand.


Having his orders, he takes his new Legion to squash the uprising rebellion. It is a blood bath, the locals are a mix of aliens and do their best to fight the empire, many lives are lost on both sides. Sitting back and watching from a distance is the bounty hunter Boba Fett who helped organise the uprising. Hired by the locals to help them push the Empire back, Fett covered his bet by not taking part in the uprising.


PY-677 learns of Fett’s involvement in the uprising by interrogating a dying fighter. Angry at the unnecessary loss of life he hunts down Fett and his crew and kills one them. It takes everything PY-677 has to not kill the rest of Fett’s group, he’s tired of killing and tired of blood on his hands.


Returning to the Imperial base alone, PY-677 throws his helmet to the ground and renounces the empire. Tired of orders and sick to stomach of death, he only wants peace. But Vader is still at the base and sees this as an act of rebellion.


At home PY-677 looks forward to a nice glass of wine and some time to himself. Unbeknownst to him, Vader sent a squad to eliminate the new rouge element, PY-677.


To Be Continued…

A huge thank you goes out to David for taking the time to compile this ongoing narrative and we look forward to future chapters of the story. In the meantime be sure to check out more of David’s work over on Instagram via his handle @schnijder_berry.

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Last modified: July 8, 2018

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