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Mafex continues to go back to the DC films which were consistently brilliant which can’t be said for the more recent films, by bringing out more figures from the Dark Knight series. Mafex recently announced at Medicom that in 2019 they will be releasing Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al Ghul along with a suited Bruce Wayne, as well as Scarecrow, Joker 2.0 and Police Joker!


If Bane is anything to go by these figures should be excellent quality and highly anticipated. The head sculpts already look spot on with Liam Neeson in particular never looking as good as a 6” action figure, and then there’s suited Bruce Wayne and Christian Bale resemblance being on point.


Ra’s Al Ghul


When I saw the promotional pictures I was instantly ready to pre-order Ra’s al Ghul who is sporting his ninja training gear, but I wasn’t keen on a boring suited Bruce Wayne. That was until I saw the accessories included. Suited Bruce Wayne comes with a cane, but maybe more exciting than a walking stick is that he comes with parts to make a ninja/ prototype suit Batman, where you plug these new parts into the Batman Begins figure we already have.

bruce w

The downside is you need the Batman Begins figure. While I don’t own it, I have it on good authority that it’s well worth having. After having a look on eBay it’s possible to pick up a Batman Begins figure for around £25 shipped from Japan. At that price, it’s certainly worth having.
Harvey Dent


Yet to be released which was announced last year by Mafex is the Harvey Dent figure. An initial release date was scheduled for April 2018, but no news that I can find suggests when we will get this figure.  Again, this looks like a solid figure coming with two head sculpts; normal and two-faced. Also included are interchangeable hands, interchangeable burned jacket part, a pistol, a trick coin and a Harvey Dent button.

Joker 2.0

No news either on the new Joker 2.0 or police officer Joker, but the e 2019. The promotional pictures for Joker 2.0 look superb and will definitely be a popular purchase within the toy community and I for one will be one of those looking to get him. The Police Officer Joker, however, isn’t something I am instantly grabbed by after seeing the promotional images.

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Original imagery courtesy of Medicom Mafex.

Last modified: June 26, 2018

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