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Star Wars Toys CR: Hasbro

Multimedia giant Entertainment Weekly has just shared our first look at 2 of Hasbro’s Black Series SDCC exclusives with several images and some initial details on pricing too so without further ado :

Han Solo : Exogorth Escape

We start off with another Han Solo 6″ inch figure this time depicting the character as seen in The Empire Strikes back whilst in the belly of the Exogorth or Space Slug to the uninitiated. The set includes the breathing mask as an accessories along with his handy blaster and a Mynock too for good measure. The box structure is similar to Thrawn’s from SDCC 17 with the box doubling up as a creative display box once opened in this case forming the entry ramp to Falcon. The set will be available for $34.99 direct from the Hasbro booth.

Star Wars Toys CR: HasbroStar Wars Toys CR: HasbroStar Wars Toys CR: Hasbro

Starkiller Base Centerpiece 

The 2nd reveal is of a new addition to the Centerpiece series featuring the climatic fight scene at the end of The Force Awakens between Kylo and Rey and will retail for $109.99 from Hasbro’s booth on the show floor as well as following up at Fan Expo Canada. The set also includes a water mister for steam effects, and an acrylic light-up backdrop.

Star Wars Toys CR: HasbroStar Wars Toys CR: HasbroStar Wars Toys CR: Hasbro

Are you excited to get your hands on these offerings from Hasbro or do convention exclusives give the completionist in you a headache? Let us know in the comments below!

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Information and imagery courtesy of EW.com & Hasbro.

Last modified: June 13, 2018

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