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Exclu X GTP Toys.

preorders 2018-08

To celebrate Father’s Day we have teamed up with the guys over at GTP Toys to offer up an incredible 9-piece SpaceWalls starter Pack in an Instagram photography competition. Now the rules on this one are super simple :

  1. Use the hashtag #gtpiamyourfather
  2. Caption your entry with “ your father”
  3. Tag @exclucollective
  4. Tag @gtptoys

And thats all there is too it and doing the few steps above could net you the fantastic SpaceWalls set which we have seen put to great use time and again throughout the community as GTP Toys continue to deliver practical scene kits rife for photography.


backorders 2018-06-06

2 winners will be chosen when the competition winds down on June 15th, one hand picked by ourselves and the other by GTP Toys themselves.

For those who are unfamiliar with GTP Toys and the SpaceWalls that they have become renowned for then be sure to check out our introductory interview with them from March last year.

9 wall-01-01

(Please note that SpaceWalls are not required elements on any entry images and this competition is open to creatives worldwide. For all the latest from GTP Toys be sure to check out their site


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