Exclu Affiliates – Marvel Legends UK.


We have teamed up with Marvel Legends UK over on Facebook to offer up a full fresh case of X-Men Marvel Legends (Apocalypse BAF) and a printed copy of Portraits in a weekly photography challenge in August with a warm up throughout July.

To get everyone warmed up we are having a warmup month in June with the below themes spread out over 3 weeks. In Week 1, 20 finalists will be selected from the entry submission. Week 2 will see the community vote these down to a final 10 and then down to a final 5 in week 3 with Week 4 voting determining an overall winner.

Competition Structure – June

Week 1 – 20 Finalists
Week 2 – 10 Finalists
Week 3 – 5 Finalists
Week 4 – Community Vote
Prize – Exclu Portraits – Print Edition

Week 1 – Fight Week
June 4th – 10th


Week 2 – Women of Marvel
June 11th – 17th


Week 3 – Favourite Figure
June 18th – 24th


Competition Structure – July

Week 1 – 20 Finalists
Week 2 – 10 Finalists
Week 3 – 5 Finalists
Week 4 – Community Vote
Prize – Full Wave of X-Men Marvel Legends


To get involved in this great opportunity simply head over to the and check out the entry thread and stay tuned across the Exclu platform too.

For those who really want to get your hands on the figures but are perhaps new to Toy Photography then we have a dedicated resource called Tutorials which guides you through various areas of photography to help you get started, simply click below :


We look forward to seeing your entries each week and we’ll be sharing out the community voted winners across our social platforms too so be sure to check in and keep updated throughout the month of June.

This competition is open to all creatives only using Marvel Legends as the basis for their photographic entry. For further info please get in touch with either ourselves or direct with Marvel Legends UK.

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