The Month Ahead.


Check below for the June 2018 roadmap on whats happening across the Exclu Platform with new releases and competitions alongside the toy community. To get involved in any of our social themes or events please connect with us on any of our platforms or use the contact form as the base of this page.

Weekly Themes



Word of the Month

We’re teaming up once more with Tamashii UK / The Cosmic Group to offer up a prize figure in a Word Of The Month Challenge. The word for June is SUPERCHARGED and we’ll have more on this as well as what the prize will be on June 4th.

Full info here.


Marvel Legends UK 

We also have a warm up competition active in the Marvel Legends UK Facebook Group in preparation for July when we’ll be teaming to give away a full compliment of X-Men Marvel Legends.


Check out all the info right here.


The second in-house publication from the Exclu team launches on June 15th with a full complement of brand new shoots breaking down the frames of photography as our creatives put artistic expression before form and finish.


Other Events

We’ll have more from the community as we spotlight further Custom Creations in our Workshop and more Tutorials helping you to perfect your photography. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out May’s entries featuring the work of Enis Hazan, Norbert Bajandi and more.


To get involved in any of the above :

For more from across the Toy Community, stay tuned to Exclu.


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