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Exclu X Beast Kingdom. Shoot By Jason Yang.

We continue our creative collaboration alongside the Beast Kingdom portfolio with a brand new series of shoots featuring the popular Marvel Egg Attack line.

We’ve reached the culmination of our recent collaboration with the Beast Kingdom team and are really excited to present the coming together of the characters we’ve been working with. The stylised nature of the EggAttack line lends itself so effortlessly to fun and light situations but are still fantastic at scene recreation as evidenced below.

A huge thank you to Beast Kingdom for allowing us the opportunity to officially collaborate with a number of freely provided samples for the Exclu team to utilise in our exclusive shoot’s. It’s always great to see industry players taking the time to be creative and provide opportunities to platforms such as ours to put our own spin on their products.

Coming soon we’ll be re-linking with Beast Kingdom to show off the entirety of their latest DAH Justice League line-up!

Full info on the figure can be found direct at Beast-Kingdom.com.

Last modified: May 26, 2018

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