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Exclu Workshop with guest creative Enis Hazan.

Hot on the heels of his custom Mythos Obi-Wan, Enis is back with another incredible Workshop spotlight this time turning his attention to the hugely popular recent character 0-0-0 (TripleZero) from the Marvel Star Wars comic run. Check it out!

Anyone that knows me also knows that I am a huge Star Wars fan. Well, fan of the original trilogy to be precise. I haven’t read much comics or books about Star Wars but I am aware of some interesting characters since I see most of them on my friends’ feeds in Instagram.

I’ve met the evil imperial droid 0-0-0 a.k.a Triple Zero this way. Unfortunately it was made as an exclusive figure for a comic-con so I wasn’t able to snatch one from amazon or any other place for a regular price. Luckily, Black Series figures are great for customizing and there are lots of opportunities for making any figure we want.

Good thing about this particular droid was that it was relatively simple to make cause it’s basically C-3PO painted black right??  So I thought I’d give it a go.



Well for starters we need a Black Series C-3PO figure obviously. And since we want the whole figure to be completely black, it is best to disassemble the figure first. This way, we won’t miss any spot when we spray paint it. Disassembling a 3PO figure is not that hard but some pieces come out harder than the others (such as the knee area), so I suggest using a hobby size heat gun and soften the plastic to make the process easier.

Once I disassembled the figure, I put the parts on sticks and I did a primer spray coat to make the paint stick better. Since I don’t use a sandpaper to make the paint stick to the plastic, primer spray works perfectly.


After I waited long enough for the coat to dry completely, I started to paint the figure with matte black spray paint. If you want the droid to be glossy you can use a different spray paint. I wanted mine to be matte so it would be easier to photograph.


Before the re-assembly, I checked every single part to see if I missed some spots. After making sure that the paint is all over the figure and completely covered the golden color, I started the re-assembling process. Again, some parts are harder to push back in than the others so heat gun will come in handy with this process too.

When I finished the re-assembly, I checked the figure again if there are some dents in the paint because when I was forcing the parts, I might have damaged the paint a little. But I could always make one last coat of spray to complete the process.

Varnish and Details:


C-3PO has some wirings all around the waistline. But now it was completely black and that gave me a chance to lightly paint some chrome and copper wires with the edge of a brush. The eyes of 0-0-0 are red so I thinned down some red acrylic paint and I applied just a little to the eyes. You may also want to accent some more details by using a dark green color and again applying it with the edge of the brush. But I left mine all black. And after a nice coat of matte spray varnish, my custom made 0-0-0 was ready to be in front of the camera.


All this process took me about 3 hours at my first try and since 2 of my friends asked for it, I made 2 more for them too. They took even less than that. I guess practice does make perfect.


As I told you above, it was a relatively easy custom to make and it was pretty fun. And always remember, if you want a figure that no company makes, you can always make it yourself.

A huge thank you to Enis for once again showing us that you can any figure you wish to you collection with a little DIY. Be sure to keep up-to-date on all of Enis’s projects right here on the Exclu platform and also on his Instagram @hazanenis.

Last modified: May 22, 2018

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