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Exclusive Shoot by Brian Rungkat.

Th next project to debut on the Exclu platform comes from creative Brian Rungkat (@akiraj09) and was so expansive we had to split it into 2 parts! The shoot focuses on the cult favourite character Ultraman within a ACBA styled theme.

When I was a kid, after school I will find myself in front of tv, eating snacks and watching my some of favourite tv shows. Growing up in Asia, means Heroes that I most likely have access to was that from Japan, the Tokusatsu series. I remember watching Ultraman and despite not understanding a word of Japanese at the time (mind you, there was no subtitle on that VHS at that time, even if there was, I doubt I was able to read then), but Ultraman’s image had always been stuck to my head. So much, when i grew up, I went and rewatch the whole series, and the series that proceeds it.

Let me introduce you to Ultraman Hayata, the first of the Ultraman. This picture, I use Bandai’s discontinued line of Ultra-Act. The design was done by Tohl Narita and Akira Sasaki. The “stage” are manually set up by me, using N-scale buildings and other miniatures such as cars and buses, street lights and so on, to create a realistic city feels. What it might looks like had Tokyo was really invaded by monsters and Ultraman is there to take them down.


Reason why I love to take pics of Ultraman, is that i can show how Ultraman show would look like today, with big city destructions as Ultraman fights against his enemies. Here, I have Ultra Act Ultraman fighting one of his famous enemy Baltan. I use S.H.Figuarts Baltan in this pic.


Just wanted to show more of this iconic Ultraman as he defeated his enemy.


Ultraman was then proceeded by many other Ultraman after the original series had ended. One of my favourite was Ultraman Taro. I love the design and I remember the show to be quite violent one, a lot of chopping and head kicking. Regardless, I do love how Taro look and again Ultra Act gave us a really good Taro figure. He looks menacing in this one. The monster used in this pic is S.H.Figuarts Zetton.


The reason I love Ultraman was that Victory was never assured for Ultraman. On his chest you might notice a blue kind of light. That is what we call Colour Timer, Ultraman’s power and his life force came from solar energy, which was heavily reduced by Earth’s filtering  atmosphere. As a result, Ultraman can only in theory maintain his form for three minutes exceeding that would be damaging to Ultraman. The timer when Ultraman first appeared is Blue, then proceeds to Red as time goes on. There is a chime when the timer turns to red as if to warn Ultraman that his power had been depleted and he is running out of time.

In this picture I use Ultra Act, Ultraman Mebius. I changed his colour timer to red to show that he is indeed running out of time against a very powerful enemy Red King also Ultra Act.


Be sure to check back in part 2 for the concluding shots from Brian’s Ultraman shoot and for all the latest from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu.


Last modified: May 21, 2018

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