Exclusive Shoot


Exclu X Kotobukiya.

Back in Issue 6 we had the opportunity to collaborate with Kotobukiya to showcase some of their latest ARTFX+ Statues which we’ll be sharing right here all week long.

Next up is a character who has had a resurgence in popularity within the last few years thanks to her inclusion in the DCEU culminating in her well received stand alone film which is what this statue is based upon.

Star Wars The Force Awakens – First Order Flametrooper ARTFX Statue (From 2 pack)
By Spencer Witt – (@swittpics)

Koto - flametrooper - pre edit copyFlametrooper - Koto - camping3 copyFlametrooper - Koto - camping2 copyKoto - flametrooper - b side copyKoto - flametrooper - 4 - swittpics - smooth edges and saturation copy

We’ll be showcasing the entire collaboration all week long so be sure to stay tuned to Exclu and you can check out the full feature in Issue 6 for free right here.

For more info on the Flametrooper statue, check out the official page on Koto.us

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