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New York Toy Fair 2018.


Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the full waves coming from Hasbro this year, we can shift focus to some of the singular figures that make up the years exclusives and special packs. We have some great new figures and sculpts on the wave alongside the 10th Anniversary celebratory wave.

Check out the full batch of promotional imagery released this weekend by Hasbro :

Xmen Wave ( Apocalypse BAF )

  • Magneto
  • Sabretooth

We know that theres a new Xmen wave coming out so its great to get a little look at Magneto and a really cool looking Sabretooth. Our photography community will create pure gold with that figure Im sure especially when going up against the already released Wolverine variants.


Walgreens Exclusives

  • Silver Surfer
  • The Thing

Rounding off some of the recent Fantastic Four figures is Ben Grimm and the Silver surfer. The sculpt on The Thing just looks incredible and is definitely one of the stand out figures from those revealed this weekend. The Surfer I think is a hard figure to get excited about due to the basic body type which lacks the details of other characters and Im looking forward to Hasbro changing up their effects accessories to provide some more unique characteristics.


10 Years Of Marvel Studios

  • Iron Man MK1 & Tony Stark
  • Ant-man & The Wasp
  • Hulk & Hulkbuster
  • Captain America & Crossbones
  • Hot Rod, Pepper Pots and Mandarin
  • Red Skull & Hyrda Soldier
  • Thor and Lady Sif
  • Iron Man
  • Ronan

This is the line that is garnering the most excitement as we celebrate the first 10 years of Marvel Studios and subsequently the MCU with a look back at some of the best characters. Its great to finally be able to add these to our collections and nearly all of these are excitement-worthy. Hulk and Hulkbuster is a surprise and I’ll be interested to see the pricing on this 2 pack due to its bulkiness and the Hulkbusters previous existence as a BAF. I could go on as they all look great!


Singular Thanos

With Thanos season about to hit peak time with Infinity War just around the corner its great to get a stand-alone Thanos for those who are lacking him from previous BAF. Although he isn’t of the MCU design it will still make collectors lives easier for those looking to assemble the movie cast in one way of the other.


Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Original imagery from Hasbro.

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Last modified: February 18, 2018

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