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We’re excited to announce that our first major project of 2018 is titled “Portraits” and is a publication dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of sculpts from across the industry. The material has all been created exclusively for the magazine by each member of the Exclu Collective creative team as we take a journey through the often overlooked art of facial sculpting that helps to connect us with our favourite characters from popular culture.

Expect to see a wealth of amazing photography from :

  • Trevor Williams – @onesixshooter
  • Jason Yang – @workmoreorless
  • Spencer Witt@swittpics
  • Shahzad Bhiwandiwala – @sbphotographs1
  • Matt Heywood – @heywoodpop
  • Mark Walker – @markwalkerphoto
  • Isaiah Takahashi@blksrs
  • Stan Russell@vimlossus
  • Patrick Pchalek@wonderbunk
  • Tham Ying Keet@yingkeet0675
  • Dale Schenck – @darth_shank

We’ll also have exclusive behind the scenes features from 2 different industry leaders in sculpting – Sideshow Collectibles and Inigo Gil.

Sideshow Collectibles will be taking us on a journey through their creative process detailing their work on their “Court Of The Dead – Kier Death’s Warbringer” premium format figure with an exclusive interview and behind the scenes studio shots.

We’ll have an in-depth interview with independent 3D sculptor Inigo Gil as he shares a look behind the scenes at some of his previous releases as-well as a look at some of his upcoming work. Be sure to familiarise yourself with his work by checking out his Facebook page.

We’re proud to reveal the official cover of “Portraits” as shot by senior Exclu creative, Trevor Williams (@onesixshooter) :


We’ll have much more to share on the world of sculpting and toy photography when “Portraits” debuts as a free digital download on March 1st with a printed run to follow.

So until then be sure to stay tuned to Exclu for all the latest from across the creative toy community.

If you’re just joining us here at Exclu for the first time then be sure to check out our previous magazines for free over at our digital storefront.

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