New York Toy Fair 2018.


Another of the new waves revealed in full was the 2nd Wave of Deadpool figures to continue riving the huge wave of popularity that the character is enjoying over the last few years as we approach the 2nd film later this year.

Check out the full batch of promotional imagery released this weekend by Hasbro :

Deadpool Wave 2

  • Deadpool (Pants)
  • Deadpool (Xmen)
  • Bishop
  • Omega Red
  • Lady Deadpool


Sauron BAF


X-FORCE 12″ Deadpool


Deadpool is enjoying such vast coverage at the moment across the toy industry so its not surprise that we are getting more from Hasbro and theres some great new additions in the form of Bishop and the more obscure Omega Red which help to complete some collections. At the moment, Hasbro could release the next 10 waves of Deadpool variants and they’d still do well!
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Original imagery from Hasbro.

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