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New York Toy Fair 2018


Kotobukiya have pulled the rug out from under our feet with the reveal of more Marvel characters joining the expansive ARTFX+ line. The animated XMEN cartoon from 1992 is perhaps one of the most loved animations in popular culture and its great to see more characters being represented starting off with a fantastic looking Wolverine and Jubilee 2-pack.

The line covers so many characters across different licenses from NightWing to Jessica Jones but not all seem so suited to the fixed poses but the colours and nostalgia factor here really elevate these two. The packaging as-well as is a fantastic piece of work and shows a clear understanding of the collecting market ensuring that the entirety of the product is as appealing as possible.

The characters are realised in 1/10 scale fixed posed statues with magnetic points in the feet connecting to a black base which isn’t show in the promotional imagery – (perhaps as its not the most sightly base around). Check out the full gallery below :

The figures will be available late this August and are now up for pre-order over on Koto.us.

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Last modified: February 15, 2018

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