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Hot on the heels of its Emperor Palpatine post, Hot Toys showed off its pre-order images of the Royal Guards as debuted in Return of the Jedi.

These guys didn’t see a lot of action in RotJ, but they made a big impression likely because of their bright red helmets and flowing red robes which stood out against the blacks, greys, and whites of the Imperial scenery.

what kind of outfit lie beneath those robes has been depicted differently in various places, some suggesting they wear full armor. These are based on actual costuming however and have crimson cloth uniforms. Also included; Force Pike weapon, six hand options and stand.

Pretty bare bones as far as accessories go, but that’s to be expected, we’ll see where they land price-wise, but I would suspect somewhere around $190. I would be surprised if there weren’t a two-pack offered, after all, who wants just one Royal Guard?

Pre-ordering should be live today or soon after.


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Last modified: February 2, 2018

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