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I hold my hands up before we begin – I haven’t seen Suicide Squad all the way through. What this means is you can expect a review of this figure based solely on its own merits, not those of the film it is attached to (which lest we forget currently sits at 26% on Rotten Tomatoes – just saying). What this also means is that I’ve seen enough of the film via the clips on YouTube to get a decent enough idea of what’s going down. They’re some kind of ‘Suicide Squad’, right?



  • Harley Quinn figure (as appears in Suicide Squad)
  • 3 interchangeable heads
  • 5 interchangeable hands
  • ‘Good Night’ Baseball Bat
  • Handgun

SCULPT – 10/10

When a figure is released by our friends over at SHFiguarts there is always going to be a certain level of expectation. They have set their standards so high that now if they were to releases something that didn’t meet that expectation we the toy community would be making frowny faces and heading to Twitter or Instagram to air our ‘concerns’… But dear reader, you’ve already clocked the 10/10 score for Harley hear. You’ve no doubt seen images of this figure all over IG and if not there are plenty here. That IS the figure you’re looking at. It IS a 1:12 scale. It really IS that good! Harley comes with three full head sculpts, each a startling likeness for Margot Robbie.

The quality doesn’t stop there though as the sculpting on the clothing and accessories continues this trend for excellence. The perfection in this figure and with all higher end action figures comes in it’s imperfections. The recognisable ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ T-shirt has rips and frayed edges, the jacket has creases around the elbows and Harley’s hair looks disheveled. It all just adds to the realism that we as Toy Photographers look for in our figures.



Not only the colour pallet used but the types of paint and the textures created are what earns top marks in this category. Matt, gloss, metallic and powder effects have been applied where needed to make this figure just stand out above and beyond its competitors. The jacket has a metallic shine to it along with Harley’s jewellery, her shirt has a cotton-esc matt finish and the soft powder effect on her face makes it just a joy to behold and to photograph.

Once again SHF’s digital facial printed has been applied to great effect, with the eyes, lips and small facial tattoos along with the subtle application of Harley’s run eye make up creating an incredible look for a 6″ figure.



Boasting double jointed knees, elbows and neck, ball joints on the ankles and wrists, a great stomach crunch, hinged toes and butterfly joints at the shoulders this is a figure that has it all. Hell, even the bunches in her hair spin around! In the 90’s animated series where she originated, the comics, the Arkham games and on the Big Screen Dr. Harleen Quinzell is a master acrobat so being able to replicate those twists and contortions is kind of a prerequisite for any figure worth its metal (or plastic) and this one doesn’t disappoint. The shot above where Harley is stood on one foot? No photoshopping out stands. No fishing wire or other trickery. The figure is just so well articulated and balanced.


As always I go by the current price this side of the pond. I know the price varies around the world with it being a bit cheaper in Japan and Hong Kong in particular. You may know for past reviews of SHF’s work that they can sometimes loose points on this one as they can be – in this handsome, handsome reviewer’s opinion – a little overpriced when compared to other lines. I mean for the price of certain rarer figures you’re going to be the best part of the way towards a Hot Toys or Asmus figure! This one however is the exception to the rule. The going rate here appears to float around the £60 mark, a fair price for a figure with so much going for it.



Once again SHF have hit a home run with this figure, swinging their hand painted baseball bat and exclaiming “Good Night!’ to the competition. The likeness, the finish, the photographic possibilities and the craftsmanship that has gone into this figure all point to it not only being my highest score and first full house to date, but the best 1:12 scale figure I think I’ve ever seen.





Last modified: January 15, 2018

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