Funko Introduces New Target Exclusive HeroWorld Line of Figures

Funko continues to broaden its line of vinyl collectibles thanks to the reveal of a new Target Exclusive series of four-inch action figures that can only be found in Target stores and online at Target.com. The new line is called HeroWorld, and it features collectibles from DC Comics, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Teen Titans Go!, Power Rangers, and Scooby-Doo. I must say that’s an eclectic lineup of franchises for the HeroWorld line, but I guess that’s how the licensing worked out, and I’m assuming most all of these franchises are owned by Warner Bros. in some form of fashion.

The HeroWorld figures will come in 5-packs, or 2-packs, and feature static four-inch stylized characters on bases. It looks like they will zero articulation, and that they’re glorified game board pieces to me. I do like the stylized look, which features accentuated heads, long torsos and long appendages, but their static poses don’t do much for me. I’m also not a huge fan of the bases, which look like they’re glued to the figures, because from a pure toy photography perspective, bases aren’t conducive to getting good shots without a bit of trickery or post-edits.

Funko has released glamour shots for all of the upcoming HeroWorld figures, which you can check out below. They should be hitting Target stores this week, as well as online, so keep checking your local store and refreshing Target’s site if this new line tickles your fancy!

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(Original imagery and information from Funko)

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