Exclusive Shoot


Exclusive shoot by Fachrizal Septian.

Hi, everyone! I want to say thanks to Jack at Exclu for giving me this opportunity. Now let me introduce myself first, I am Fachrizal Septian (@fachro), a tax officer from Indonesia. Ever hear a famous quote from Ben Franklin “There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes.”? For me there are three of it, I’d like to put “hobby” as an addition. And yes, my hobby is Toy Photography. I buy and collect toys at first just as display decoration object on my minibar. I used to take picture of toys alongside my cup of coffee when I enjoy my coffee morning which brought me to start toy photography as a hobby.

I am so excited over the Infinity War trailer, so I decided to bring my Marvel action figures to enter this week’s theme. As seen on the trailer, Thanos is the main villain that Avengers will face. He is the badass villain in Marvel universe, (as the comic say so), so I wanted to get my Thanos figure out into the action.

Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Legends BAF Thanos

My first picture is Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet complete with the Infinity Stones on it. It tells us that Thanos is ready to conquer the whole Marvel Universe as he’s starting to use the mighty abilities of Space Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone, Mind Stone, Time Stone, and Soul Stone.

“Let my Peter go!”

Let him go!

Marvel Legend BAF Thanos
Figma Spiderman
S.H. Figuarts Ironman

Spiderman fights Thanos, but Thanos has clearly over-powered him. He is probably getting seriously injured (or probably on his way to death). When Thanos is choking him to death, Iron Man comes to the rescue using his repulsor blast’s to knock Thanos back.

Thanks Hit

Titan Fist

Marvel Legend BAF Thanos
S.H. Figuarts Ironman

Again, Thanos over-powers another Avenger, this time Iron Man. He destiny’s Iron Man’s armor in just one strike similar to a scene that is also shown in the Infinity War trailer.

Iron Man’s Fate

Iron Man's Fate

Marvel Legend BAF Thanos
S.H. Figuarts Ironman

Unfortunately for Iron Man, he meets his destiny by Thanos’s hand. The hand of Infinity breaks Iron Man, not only the armor but also the body of Tony Stark inside. Iron Man has perhaps made a mistake choosing this guy to be his enemy. He has no chance to give Pepper a call to say goodbye. It is his end.

Green Vs Purple

Green vs Purple.

Marvel Legend BAF Thanos
Figma Hulk

Its the Dark age for the Avengers. Two heroes have fallen and finally the Avengers send the strongest there is to fight Thanos. The green giant Hulk joins the battle against mighty Thanos. Though Hulk is the strongest, can he win this fight? or just will he just fall down like all the other’s?

Behind The Scenes

I decided to create both indoor and outdoor shots for this Infinity War Theme submission. The first four picture’s were taken in my front yard outside my house, and the last picture was taken indoors.

Outdoor Session

For the outdoor session, I shot all the images in the early morning before I went off to work. I took advantage of the sunrise light as it gave me great natural lighting for my shots.


  • Camera = Mirrorless Camera Sony Alpha 5000
  • Lens = Kit Lens 18-50mm
  • Stand base figure

Camera Setting:

  • ISO – 100
  • Aperture f/5.6
  • Exposure time 1/100 sec


  • I always use Picsart in all my toy photography, including all of the pictures above. Can you see the kind of dispersion effect in the picture “Thanos Hit” and “Iron Man’s Fate”?. If you can spot the difference in the before and after images above, there was dispersion effect added there. I was creating these effect by using Dispersion Tool from Picsart. I combined it with adding layer *.png image from Add Photo. It also another feature of Picsart.


Indoor Session

For the indoor session, I used light-painting techniques and the result is the last picture above (“Green and Purple” ).


  • Camera = Mirrorless Camera Sony Alpha 5000
  • Lens = Kit Lens 18-50mm
  • LED lamp


Camera Settin :

  • ISO – 100
  • Aperture f/5.6
  • Exposure time 13”
  • Timer 2 sec

Editing :

  • Picsart to add motion hit effect

Well, that’s all my shots for Infinity War Week and I hope you all enjoyed them! Please don’t forget to catch me on Instagram @fachro for more shots.  I am very honored for this opportunity to work with Exclu and once again I’d like to say huge thanks to Jack and Exclu team.

Be sure to head over to Fachrizal’s IG page to catch more great work just like this on a daily basis via @fachro and for more of the latest shoots from the community, stay tuned to Exclu.

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