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Exclusive Shoot from Mulyadi.
Article by Jack Sturman.

Hi, it’s me, Mulyadi. It’s really nice to be invited by Jack to contribute to the Exclu Collective with this exclusive shoot.In this shoot, I will focus on the Egg Attack Action(EAA) line from Beast Kingdom. Personally I love EAA so much and that’s why I chose them to be my content focus.


  • Canon EOS M10 with 15-45mm lens kit.
  • Smartphone as lighting using the amazing Flashlight application.
  • Tripod – if you don’t have tripod you can stack your books too. 🙂
  • Big black paper as background. If you don’t have black paper you can use your black shirt too. :3
  • Dark room -Don’t use your parents bedroom, okay?!


I posed my figures on the black paper backing that is glued on the wall like this :

Mulyadi Exclu 1

And I then setup my camera with :

  • ISO 100
  • Aperture f6.3 (this is my minimum aperture of my lens)
  • Shutter speed of 13 seconds.
  • Timer 2 seconds (optional)


After that I set the timer 2 seconds to prepare for light painting. Don’t forget to turn off the light(s) of the room, so we can get to light painting effectively. And one.. two.. three.. I draw my figures using light from my smartphone like this.

Mulyadi Exclu 3

I personally can’t take one shot without a story inside. I love to make three pictures with one story. You can visit my Instagram @mullyadii where the story can be seen in the row layout that is used there. In this story I went for Vader with his two ‘innocent’ troopers. The beginning of story is Vader is posing with his cape.

Mulyadi Exclu 4

But, turns out, his cape was posed by these two ‘innocent’ troopers.

Mulyadi Exclu 5

And Vader said, “Where is my Pop Mie and tabloid Bola? (Pop mie is instant noodle in Indonesia and tabloid Bola is one of famous tabloid about football in Indonesia.)

Mulyadi Exclu 6

“This is your Pop Mie and tabloid Bola, sir,” they said. “Okay, leave me alone, I want me time..”

Mulyadi Exclu 7 

Not long, and suddenly..“Oh My God! What the hell is that?” And Vader jumped because he was suddenly startled by the three cute ducklings and makes the troopers scared too!

Mulyadi Exclu 8

And thats the ending of my mini-story with my favourite EAA figures! By the way, I am just new at Photoshop, so I just stamp the standbase to hold Vader in an elevated position. I am not good at editing, so this is my best. This is before and after I stamped the stand base:


Mulyadi Exclu 9

Hope you guys enjoy my behind the scene and story and as this is my first time here with Exclu please give me feedback to help me improve!

A huge thank you to Mulyadi for sharing his creativity with us in this exclusive shoot and be sure to head over to his Instagram page @mullyadii and for the latest from the Toy Photography community stay tuned to Exclu.



Last modified: November 16, 2017

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