Exclusive Shoot


Exclusive shoot from Jay Logan.
Article by Jack Sturman.

September’s Word Of The Month competition saw us team up with Bandai Tamashii Nations UK / The Cosmic Group to offer up 3 WWE figures – The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and HHH. We check in with our first place winner Jay Logan (@sls_animations) with an exclusive shoot and video of the Texas Rattlesnake.


“Well as you know I won this Stone Cold Steve Austin figure from the Exclu Word of the Month competition, to be honest it’s the first shoot I’ve been excited for for a long time. Being that it would be my first SHFigarts figure ever, I really wanted to see if the figure looked as good as it was hyped up to be and it did not disappoint once I realized  just how it heavily detailed it was. I wanted to take shots that were not taken before with this figure so I start hunting online until I found a few screenshots that I felt would bring that figure to life, if only for a second before realizing it was a toy.” – JAY LOGAN


You can check out more of Jay’s work over on his Instagram page @sls_animations. You can check out our reviews of the WWE S.H.Figuarts line including the newly released Kane and Undertaker over in our reviews section.


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