DKE Toys Details Designer Con 2017 Bootleg Toy Lineup

The bootleg segment of the toy collecting industry is an interesting one, because it teeters on the line of license infringement, but in a way that the creative toy artists have been able sidestep due to the “art” aspect of their creations. One of the more prominent distributors of designer bootleg toys is DKE Toys, and they will be at Designer Con 2017 this weekend at the Pasadena Convention Center at booth #812.

They sent over images and ad cards for the bootleg figures they will be selling at the show, so we’ve gathered up a gallery of them to share with you. I have to go with the First Order Sanitation Worker as my favorite, but really any of the Star Wars bootleg art pieces would be awesome to own.

Head on down below to check out what DKE Toys will have at Designer Con this weekend in Pasadena!

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(Original imagery and information from DKE Toys PR)

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