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We have a treat now for movie lovers out there as Ji Hoon Kim shares a glimpse of his work in the latest exclusive shoot for focusing on his impressive array of Hot Toys. From Iron Man to Heath Ledger’s Joker , Ji maximises the details on offer from Hot Toys with some incredibly crisp studio shots.

Figures :

  • Ironman – Hot Toys
  • Joker from Dark Knight – Hot Toys
  • Doctor Strange – Hot Toys
  • Star Lord – Hot Toys
  • Joker from Batman 1989 – Hot Toys

Equipment :

  • Canon 5D mark 2
  • Canon EF Zoom Lens for Canon EF – 24mm-105mm – F/4.0

“Ever since I was little I really love to watch movies and I love the characters of my favourite movies. At first, I started to collect DVDs. Gradually I found that there were figures based on movie characters so I instantly fell in love with collecting movie figures. Among the various brands, I love Hot Toys the most because of the details that they recreate.

I also love to make toy photography with my trusty camera. People often think a camera is a machine to capture a certain moment but I think we should say it is more like a tool to recreate a moment using light with one’s perspective. Every time when I see my photos, I can remember what I felt or thought when I took the photos. For figure photos, I usually watch the movies that have the characters in and then take the photos of my figures. After watching movies that I like, I feel sometimes excited or sometimes have sympathy for the characters and I really enjoy the process and result of taking the photograph of my figures with this in mind.

Iron Man


Iron Man or Tony Stark is someone that all the people dream of. Rich, smart and powerful. But I think there is more than that. When I watched the movie ‘Iron Man’, it was interesting to see a man who had everything go through a very tough experience and grew up through this to become ‘Iron Man’. I think the armor represents a lot of things considering the movie showed us how one man grow up and move on. I especially like the design of Ironman mark 46. I tried to recreate the strong and shiny image of Ironman.

The Joker – The Dark Knight


Joker from Dark Knight is the most powerful movie character to me so far. Especially his eyes made me feel like as if he sees through all the human nature and laugh about it. It is really impressive with Heath Ledger’s face but for me, his first appearance in the movie was so powerful so I wanted to recreate his look in the film. Staring right at me through the mask.

Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange’s story is literally very strange. Flying cape, going back time, magic and so on… Still, watching a whole story of a promising doctor become a sorcerer was so exciting and magical. I really enjoy the movie and like Comberbatch’s acting. I loved the mysterious feeling of Doctor Strange so I tried to make that atmosphere in the photo.



Star Lord from ‘Guardians of Galaxy’ is also an interesting character. He seems like just a thief but he has righteous mind within him. The scene when Peter gave his mask for Gamora was the best to me. I tried to recreate his gaze on Gamora.

The Joker – Batman 1989


I think Joker itself is a really great character. A little bit different from the Joker from Dark Knight, Joker played by Jack Nicholson is more playful and crazy. His exaggerated smile can show his madness but more than that, his eyes made me goosebumps when I first watch the movie ‘Batman’ 1989. For this figure, I focused on his face, especially his eyes staring up with his head tilt down.

A massive thank you to Ji for such an amazingly crisp shoot that really shows off each Hot Toy to the very best quality. Be sure to check out his work over on Instagram under his handle @jhtoyphotography and for the latest from the Toy Community stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: October 11, 2017

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