After the huge success of the Thor: Ragnarok wave Hasbro revealed some more informations and pictures of their upcoming 2018 figure releases.

The next wave consists of complete new figures and re-designed characters from earlier waves.

In fact we already know about the following names and designs:

  • Gladiator
  • Taskmaster
  • Mr Fantastic
  • Prowler
  • Spider Man Noir
  • Multiple Man

Once again Hasbro managed to present a great variation of characters and most parts of the community are excited for the 2018 wave.


But as always there are some critical statements especially when it comes to the new Spider Man Noir whose story is settled in the early years of the last century. Hasbro presented the figure with high-tech weapons instead of fitting weapons like a revolver or Tommy-Gun. Let’s hope that the shown weapons are just placeholders and that the release will contain the right weapons.


Also for some people the new announcement of Taskmaster comes too early although the classic comic design is much appreciated by  collectors.


In opposition to the Taskmaster release the collecting community is united when it comes to the re-release of Gladiator which was an exclusive SDCC figure before. This makes this character affordable again and could also end in a price drop of the SDCC exclusive figure.

One of the biggest reasons why the Marvel Legends line is so successful is the ‘build-a-figure’ feature. Each package contains one or more parts to complete a much bigger figure once all individually figures are bought. For now it’s still not revealed which character will be the next ‘BAF’. Rumors are cooking and many different sources claim ‘The Thing’ is the ‘BAF’ of the next wave.

Well played, Hasbro! Another great wave and for sure a great success!


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