The first real surprise reveal of NYCC comes courtesy of Hasbro as we have learned that the popular Mighty Muggs line of Vinyl figures is to have a comeback in 2018 with new entries in both the Marvel and Star Wars lines. The figures will retail at $9.99 and are looking likely to be Hasbro’s answer to the hugely popular vinyl movement of collectibles as headed up in the mass market by Funko.

Lets check out the latest Star Wars stylised additions.

Star Wars
Darth Vader

Princess Leia (ANH)


Luke Skywalker (ANH)

Kylo Ren





star-wars-mighty-muggs-figure-assortment-pack-1-1507161071897It’ll be interesting to see how these are received by the crowded Vinyl space and also whether Hasbro will go down the coveted retailer exclusive road as Funko have done to inject some energy into the collecting side of things. As more information comes available we’ll be sure to update you. Let us know your thoughts below!

All information and imagery courtesy of

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