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“This lone gunslinger act is unnecessary… you don’t have to do this alone!”

James Rhodes


In 2018 War Machine will join the Marvel assemble from Bandais famous Meisho Manga Realization line by Tamashii Nations.

After introducing Iron Man and Captain America to the Samurai line Bandai goes one step further with the design of War Machine.

The figure shares, of course, some same parts like the previously released Iron Man but comes with much more weapons than any other previous release.

The blue and bronze colored figure features several shoulder cannons and further weapons on his arms.

And of course War Machine comes with a Katana – the traditional Samurai weapon.

Speaking of the shoulder cannons it’s unnecessary to say that the added arming adds an extra touch to the ‘badass’ overall look to the figure. It’s possible to move the oversized weapons in several directions and also fold them to the back.

For now it’s hard to say if the massive backpack with the weapon load will affect the balance of the figure but the design definitely benefits from it.

One hint that the figure needs some assistance for displaying it is the fact that Tamashii Nations delivers War Machine with a figure stand.

As mentioned before War Machine shares some sculpts of his armor with Iron Man. In fact it seems to be almost all parts except for the body but due to the very different color pattern it appears very different though.

The current promotion pictures show War Machine always with fists but it’s safe to say that Bandai will include more interchangeable hands as usual.

After several releases within their Samurai line War Machine will be one of the most anticipated figures due to its design. The price tag will be around 89.99 ($ and €) and collectors have time until April 2018 to save the needed money.

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Last modified: October 4, 2017

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