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Joseph Vitadamo has created a really intricately thought-out series in response to his assigned theme “Fear Itself” as he seeks out characters and scenarios from the Star Wars universe that live up to his interpretation and realisation of the theme.


I just wanted to start off by thanking the Exclu Collective team for letting me do this shoot! The theme Fear Itself was an awesome and creative topic to accomplish. I really had to go outside the box and plan each shot days ahead of time. Usually I only plan ahead the same day that I’m doing a shoot! For this project, I went out and got a 1:6 SCALE master Yoda from Sideshow. He was the perfect figure for this theme and I’ll explain why here shortly. The camera that was used for all the shots was the Canon EOS Rebel T6 using the 18-55mm lens with an ND filter attached. This camera is the work horse behind remember the clone troopers and is really user friendly.

Close Call


With the topic Fear Itself I knew instantly that R2-D2 had to be in there! He’s the most famous astromech in the galaxy at every pivotal moment. I had one vision for R2, what if he had a close call with a Sand Trooper? I imagined R2 would switch into high gear and leave him in the dust wondering where he went! To pull this off I had to go to park called Saunder Springs which is known for its beauty and caves. I used a can of air and set the shutter speed for continuous shooting at 3.0 fps to pull off this effect. I used photoshop fix to add the detailing on R2 to give him a more on the run dirty look. I was really pleased how this picture came out in post production!

If so powerful with the darkside are you, then why leave?


Grand Master Yoda from Sideshow was thee figure I wanted for these shots! Ever since I saw Yoda fight Count Doku in Star Wars episode II, I always wanted to see more. Yoda has always been one of my favorite characters within the Star Wars universe. Being so unique, wise and small in stature, he was feared by the Sith for his powers. With the fight with Darth Sidious, watching two remarkable figures fight each other, I just had to throw in a Hottoys Kylo Ren especially after seeing them both in a Battlefront II trailer!

Waiting for his target in the shadows.


Prototype Boba Fett waiting on his next bounty. This bounty hunter who was feared for his results on accomplishing his missions was a great shot! The white armor looks amazing to his personality. I used natural lighting with a black poster board for this shot. I really wanted to get every detail that I could. This Sideshow figure is an amazing piece and didn’t take much time to capture this. A man of few word and even fewer shots captures all we need in this iconic picture!

No holding back


Seeing Master Yoda ready to do battle against the Sith is always a thrilling shot! I envisioned Master Yoda ready to use the force against an enraged Kylo Ren. This shot was really fun at capturing an angle at which you only see nothing but an ignited saber, unique in style that is only Kylo Ren’s and seeing Yoda’s face was epic. As if Yoda was anything but impressed. All of these special effects were all done with an app called LensFx. This app is amazing for all kind of effects and not limited to just great lightsaber looks!

R2 Series


Used throughout the Star Wars saga, the R2 series among other various astromechs where critical from ship repairs in deep space, navigation for hyper space and many other jobs. These droids had no limits in my opinion and where great companions with sometimes witty personalities. In the Clone Wars Saga, fans even got to see a few R2 units go behind separatists lines and retrieve an encryption key for the Republic! These droids where just amazing and couldn’t leave them out of this feature!

I just wanted to thank a great friend of mine Jon O’Cain Jr. for lending me some of his amazing figures to complete these shots and for some great ideas as well! This project was an amazing opportunity that took me beyond just thinking outside of the box. Thank you Exclucollective for this great theme and this experience!

A massive thank you to Joseph for bringing together a diverse range of characters by way of his interpretation of this assigned theme. To see more of Joseph’s impressive portfolio, be sure to head over to his Instagram handle @remember_the_clone_troopers and for the very latest from the toy industry, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: September 19, 2017

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